Artist Bios – Time to Push Back!
Written by Catherine Radbill on April. 30th 2018

Is there anything more boring than official artist bios? Paragraphs about orchestras, conductors and prizes. You’re forced to print these things in your expensive programs. An insult! 

It’s time to push back! Let the artist’s handlers know that a dreary listing of accomplishments does not help you sell tickets. Hey, it won’t even keep your audiences from nodding off if things get a bit snooze-worthy during the concert.

This is a call to action for all arts administrators. Write the bios yourselves! 

Face it, folks. No one’s life is private anymore. 

So pay somebody under 20 to search the web. Guaranteed they’ll find gold nuggets about your artist. Ticket buyers and audiences want human interest stories. Photos, too.

We all want to know somebody’s back story. 

Your job is tough. Push back! Write those artist bios yourself. Get what you need to sell tickets to your amazing shows. 

Catherine Radbill

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