Written by Catherine Radbill on April. 30th 2018
Is there anything more boring than official artist bios? Paragraphs about orchestras, conductors and prizes. You’re forced to print these things in your expensive programs. An insult! 
Written by Catherine Radbill on Nov. 30th 2017
Ethnic diversity remains a persistent challenge for American orchestras. US Census Bureau statistics show that 13.2 percent of the nation's population identifies itself as black or African-American, and 17.1 percent as Hispanic or Latino...
Written by Catherine Radbill on Nov. 22nd 2017
If you want to work in the arts, you definitely want to take a look at the NEA's recent report on the best places to live...
Written by Catherine Radbill on Nov. 17th 2017
Building and strengthening audience relationships - particularly student audiences - was a top priority for me when I was a university arts presenter. Today, competition for students' attention has become even more intense...
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